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FAMILY SAFETY, Personal defense, and tactics

Check out our new Industry Partner Page as well as our Guest Instructor Page to see who is coming to train next!

2019 is going to be awesome and we are starting off with introducing a new course. Covert Carry 2! Check it out.

In  the past 3 years our range has really grown. We have over 200 members from all over the state. Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Brownsburg, Lafayette, Ft. Wayne, Kokomo, and of course the surrounding communities support it crucial. So we would like to thank the people of Remington, Wolcott, Fowler, Goodland, Kentland, Boswell, Attica, Otterbein as well as the Farming community in our rural setting.

I also want to reach out to the Law Enforcement Community and the 15 departments that have joined us for training. Thank you very much and thank you for what you do. 

Site Surveys/Threat Assessments are key to a complete security plan. We are proud to help schools, businesses and churches establish and enhance their existing plans. Our Industry partners bring in the most advanced products for access denial, defense and first aid for traumatic injuries. We also bring the Law Enforcement that would be responding to a threat and train at your location.

Our Active Shooter Course is a must for SRO's or anyone who may respond to a situation involving a large number of civilians with an active threat. It is really the culmination of our course profile.

I am always learning and striving to bring the best training and trainers to you. People with real experience in their fields and experts in the study of what it takes to win a deadly confrontation. Instructors like Tom Gray, Mike B, Tod L, Daniel Shaw, John Masson, Freddy Osuna, Tanto, Boon and more.

Active Threat Interview on School Training

Surviving an Active Shooter

Our family oriented courses provide the confidence and knowledge that you need to protect your loved ones at home or during travel.  We tailor each training evolution to your unique situation and individual needs.

The basics of safe gun handling, storage and by reminding you that you are the key to firearms safety will result in a good learning experience that lasts a lifetime. You can help meet this responsibility by enrolling in our firearm safety or shooting safety courses. You must constantly stress safety when handling firearms, especially to children and non-shooters. Beginners, in particular, must be closely supervised when handling firearms with which they may not be acquainted.

Briggs Core Dynamics is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, comprised exclusively of former Military Special Operations and Law Enforcement Personnel and provides high level training to Civilians, Law Enforcement, and NGO's.

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