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From first-time shooters with no experience to tested regulars, our Basic Defensive Pistol and/or Firearms Safety courses are where you want to start.

Our Covert Carry Courses are designed to expose the shooter to advanced defensive techniques to include personal recovery, traumatic wound care, and extreme close quarters defense shooting. 


Covert Carry 1 stresses shooting fundamentals to include malfunctions, strong hand, support hand shooting with reloads using each hand.


Covert Carry 2 includes creating distance, shooting on the move, wound care, personal recovery techniques, and force on force scenario's.  

All of our courses engage law-enforcement officers in realistic scenarios designed to enhance the decision-making and physical skills required during unforeseen violent encounters. 


Our courses focus on the fundamentals of shooting, tactical pistol and carbine/patrol rifle skills and aims to teach student how to prepare for, survive and succeed in lethal encounters.


Training includes extensive range time and force-on-force training using UTM simunitions.


Our courses are designed to reduce the effects of Tunnel Vision, Auditory Exclusion, and Loss of Fine Motor Skills that officer's experience under duress. 



A proper Threat & Vulnerability Assessment is the first step to hardening any type of facility.

Our most recent Vulnerability Assessments and School Trainings include: 

Benton County Courthouse, Kankakee Valley School Corporation, North Newton School Corporation, Benton Central School Corporation, Art Museum of Greater Lafayette, as well as Area Churches. 

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