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Long Range Shooting 2

Long Range Shooting 2

Long Range Level II (6-8 hours)


Instructor Special Forces Sniper (level I &II) Ryan Frodge 

Long Range Level II will be a brief refresher of what was learned in level I. Then will rapidly go into setting up your individual rifle in a Ballistic App with rifle measurements
and velocity.
The intent of this course is to help shooters be able to engage targets within 1 MOA out to 600 yards.


This is not a course for a new shooter. Mastering the Fundamentals of Long Range Shoot and Long Range Shooting 1 are prerequisites unless the instructor waives them. 

This course will also include engaging multiple targets at different distances as well as engaging unknowns distance targets.


Equipment required:
Scoped rifle
100 rounds
Eye pro
Ear pro
Downloaded ballistic APP or Kestrel Elite with Applied Ballistics


Shooter Equipment Questions:
Please Email the following to Scott @

What Brand and Model of rifle are you bringing?
What Brand and Model of scope are you bringing? 
What is your rifle chambered in? 


Maximum Class Size: 6


Range Address: 3733 E 500 N Fowler, IN 47944




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