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Non-Member Pricing

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Preparedness Considerations & Courses

Natural Disasters

  • Drought
  • New Madrid Fault Event
  • Extreme Weather (Hot or Cold)
  • Pandemics
  • Tornados
  • Yellow Stone Park Volcano
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Solar Flares
  • Meteor Strike


Member Pricing

Man Made Disasters

  • Economic Collapse
  • Terrorist Attacks
  • Power Outage
  • Biological Threat
  • Nuclear Accident or Attack
  • War on US Soil to Include Civil War
  • Electro Magnetic Pulse Disruption
  • Fuel or Chemical Spill
  • Industrial Explosion
  • Active Shooter

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It is our desire to serve our students and customers to the very best of our ability and to the highest standards of excellence. This page explains our policies on issuing refunds.

Refunds will be issued in the same manner as payment. If payment was via credit card, refund will be issued to the card used. If payment was by check, refund will be by check.
For all training courses, payment is due in full to reserve a seat in the course unless specifically stated otherwise.
If a student cancels their seat in the course more than 7 days from course date, a full refund will be issued.
If a student cancels their seat in the course less than 7 days from course date, a 50% refund will be issued.
No refunds for course seats will be issued on or after the date of the course.
Students who are removed from a course for any reason, as stated in our hold harmless agreement, will not be issued a refund for their course fees.

If for any reason a course is canceled, students will receive a full refund promptly at the time of cancellation as well as notice of the cancellation as soon as possible.

Non-Member Pricing

Member Pricing

Non-Member Pricing

If you have problems opening any of the files, please email us and we will send them directly to you. 

Disaster Survival Training & Resources

Be Aware, Plan Ahead & Train!

Training for the worst gives you peace of mind. There are numerous situations that could happen. From Economic collapse to a natural disaster. Are you ready?


Survival Kits and Go Bags (3-4 Hours) $80 Per Person:

  • Go bag construction
  • Survival Mindset
  • Survival Kit Phases
  • List of Construction items

*This Course is Required for developing a total survival plan.

Communications (3-4 Hours) $85 Per Person:

  • Radio Procedures
  • Types of Radios
  • Frequencies
  • Alternate Forms of Power
  • Leaving Messages & Instructions for Breaks in Contact
  • Duress Signals
  • Brevity Codes
  • Visual Signals (Night & Day). 
  • Effects of Population, Jamming & Weather on Electronic Communications. 
  • Using Land Lines & Hard Wired Devices. 
  • COMSEC (Communications Security)

***Two way communications required for course 

Route Planning, Evacuation, Escape & Evasion & Friendly Link Ups (8 Hours) $175 Per Person:
OK! So you've been forced out of your home or perhaps you are at the front end of an event and trying to get home.  For various reasons you might need to evade those who either want to know where you are going or want to finish what they started with you.  Perhaps fleeing temporarily is better than fighting?  Remember that even a minor wound is a major wound when medical services are limited. 

  • Formulate an escape plan
  • Confuse the enemies ability to follow you.  Parts of the plan and training will include; 
  • Communications Planning
  • Evacuation Parameters & Signals
  • Go Bags
  • Map Reconnaissance
  • Route Planning
  • DAR (Designated Areas of Recovery)
  • RON (Rest Over Night) 
  • Cache's
  • Danger Areas
  • Effects of Terrain on Movements
  • Security Planning
  • Alternate Modes of Transportation. 

**This course can be taught on site or at your location.Price will vary.

Medical Planning & Prescription Planning (8 Hour) Call For Pricing:
We can provide you with the medical training you need to sustain and/or save a family members life until help arrives.  We have Instructors available that are trained in the absolute most up to date trauma techniques.  We can help you assemble a medical kit for any scenario or event you require, to include purchasing anesthesia and antibiotics.  Don't neglect your medical training in your considerations.  Because you might be the only one available to save your family member.  Additionally we can help you find ways to plan for necessary prescriptions in the event of long term denied access.  We have completed the research for you and have accumulated the best medical manuals and natural medicine books selected by our experts and placed them on a condensed resource guide available for purchase.

  • Scene Safety
  • M.A.R.C.H.
  • Self Aid
  • Buddy Aid
  • Apply Tourniquet
  • Apply Chest Seals
  • Conduct Aid while Under Extreme Duress

Food & Water Storage, Consumption & Replacement Planning (6 Hour) Call For Pricing:
 We can help you to begin a food storage plan for any budget.  We will teach you the basics of nutrition and why certain foods are absolutely necessary for the human body. If you think you can just hunt and gather, keep in mind that most of the population believes they can do that as well.  Available wild food supply will deplete very rapidly.  You must be able to grow and maintain your own stores as well as protect them.  Food will be a valuable barter source in the event of total economic collapse.  You need to have the tools, correct seeds and know how. 

  • Short Terms Planning - 24hours to 1 week.
  • Long Term Planning -  >Week
  • Nutrition & Caloric Requirement
  • How to plan for indefinite self sustainment.
  • Clean & Butcher an Animal
  • Harvest Seeds for Replanting
  • Food Storage
  • Purifying Water

Home Defense & Tactical Plan (5-10 Hours) $100 Per Hour:
This piggy backs with what you already know Briggs Core Dynamics does best, and that’s firearms training.  However defensive planning for a home or property is allot more in depth than individual safety. 

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Defense Strategy
  • Proper Use of Available Resources
  • Force Multiplying Items 
  • Asset Allocation
  • Identify Hard Points
  • Set Priorities of Work

Long Term Comfort & Post Event Planning (3-5 Hours) $85 Per Hour:                              

  •   Power Generation
  •   Entertainment  
  •   Community Support Planning  
  •   Post collapse currency planning.  

***Combined into 1 class with Sanitation & Hygiene  

Sanitation & Hygiene:  
  Good sanitation practices are essential to long term survival and are often taken for granted.  Poor sanitation and hygiene can lead to problems like; Security & Opsec issues, Illness & Rapid Spread of illness, Loss of live stock, contaminated food, increased chance of injury infections & dental issues. A small issue can become a very big issue if modern services become temporarily or permanently unavailable.  Proper planning, group discipline and enforcement will prevent many issues from adding to your work load.