Half Shootout/Half Workout

Skills & Drills

The course of fire and the workouts will change during every class.

Shooting drills you will be required to perform:

  • Abide by all Range Safety Rules at all times.
  • Magazine Changes (using both hands)
  • Magazine Changes (using only your dominate hand)
  • Magazine Changes (using only your support hand)
  • Correct Malfunctions
  • Dominate Hand Shooting
  • Support Hand Shooting
  • Barricade Shooting
  • Target Discrimination
  • and more

Workout drills you will be required to perform:

  • Running (your pace)
  • Weighted ball throw
  • Sandbag shuttle
  • Pull ups (optional)
  • Flutter kicks
  • Jumping jacks
  • Pushing & pulling (with bands)
  • Log drills (all weights and sizes)
  • Dips (optional)
  • much more as we build our obstacle course

*You will be required to sign a waiver to attend physical training at the beginning of the course.

This 90 minute course is designed to get your heart rate pumping while shooting and using fundamentals and safety.


Briggs Core Dynamics

How does physical stress effect your shooting ability?