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The Ultimate Shooter Body Armor Kit!

CANKLE KIT ($100 Value)

Nothing but the best! This is a low profile med kit that goes around your ankle. For more info on this kit go to I would like to that Cankle Kits and Patrick Sterling for helping with this event.

Here's exactly what you get:

  • VIPER Modular Operator Plate Carrier
  • Infidel Level III Curved Armor Plates 10X12 Front and Back. AR550 Steel
  • Tactical Trauma Individual First Aid Kit
  • AR-15 Magazine Pouches.
  • Smoke Grenade with Pouch.

Check out our Go Fund Me for additional details


I could not pull this off alone. I like to give credit where credit is due. So, BIG thanks to Colby Bartlett for this great idea and getting us in the Fowler House and for the CQB AR-15 Cleaning Kit.  Next is Loren Berenda of Shelter Insurance for donating to help with getting Tanto here. Jason Snapp for donating the CZ P10C below. Chad Cooper of Infidel Body Armor for donating the incredible body armor kit. Another thanks goes out to the guys at Cankle Kits. Thank you for the awesome low profile Med Kit Patrick!   I hope to have a lot more people to thank soon.


To become a sponsor or to donate to make this event even more awesome contact Scott. 407-919-8215



This CZ P10C has been donated to the Range Fundraiser by Jason Snapp of Lafayette, Indiana. Jason is a long time Range Member/Supporter. Thank you Jason, I am sure some lucky winner will thank you as well.

Range Fundraiser and Book Signing with Kris "Tanto" Paronto

at The Fowler House


Watch and Learn techniques and strategies that may be required of you and your family if you want to survive. Driven 1 and Driven 2 each include a DVD and an illustrated field manual which you’ll find essential to boost your skills to the next level. Our professional cadre include those of Army, Marine, and Air Force- including special operations- veterans.

Reason for Fundraiser: We are raising funds to help with our increasing legal bills due to an almost 3 year long lawsuit. I am proud to be able to host fellow Ranger and former co-worker Kris Paronto in August. Please join us for a great weekend of fun, shooting and awesome people to help a Veteran owned Business.

This is an AWESOME gun. If you have ever shot one then you know what I am talking about.


Raffle Guns and Gear

You can now purchase raffle ticket(s) here. You do not have to be present to win. When checking out please leave your phone number and/or email address. Tickets will be available for purchase at the Fowler House during the book signing as well as at the range during every course on the weekend of August 3rd. We will draw the winning tickets on August 5th at the hog roast. Even if you don't win one of the top items we will throw all of the other tickets into a drawing for the additional items below.

Dates: 3-5 August


-3 Aug 9am-4pm Pistol Fundamentals course with Tanto and Boon.

-3 Aug 6:30-8:30pm Book signing at the Fowler House Mansion in Lafayette, IN

*Note, there will be Raffles for Guns and Gear!

-4-5 Aug Defensive Pistol and Rifle Course with Tanto and Boon

5 Aug 4pm Hog Roast and Raffle drawings


Latest Update 1/22/18


Things are developing and I am updating this page as fast as I can. Here is what I know right now. The book signing is the Fowler House in Lafayette, IN. There are raffle tickets for guns and gear purchase the raffle tickets below. Kris will say some words and then sign books. There will be books to purchase at the Fowler House.

Hog Roast and Raffle drawing will be at the range on the 5th of Aug. You do not have to be present to win.

Question? Text or Call Scott 407-919-8215


Body Armor Kit

Infidel Body Armor has donated an incredible set up to our fundraiser.  You may or may not know this but I have been consulting with Infidel Body Armor for a few years now. This company and their gear are BULLET PROOF! 

Infidel Body Armor can custom make body armor the way you need it. They have covert body armor as well as this awesome plate carrier. Need Night Vision, Infidel has that as well.

Thank you so much for the donation!

To Check out Infidel Body Armor Gear Click the button:

OTIS CQB Cleaning Kit ($300 Value)

This military issue cleaning system cleans and maintains the M16-A1-A2-A4, M4, M249 SAW and all other 5.56MM variants. Flexible cleaning rods and swabs quickly clean the receiver, chamber, neck, and bore; obstruction removers knock out bore obstructions and stuck cases. Special scraper and pick for the bolt face, slide and locking lugs, all purpose brushes and comprehensive instruction booklet maintain flawless performance in mission critical situations. ALICE and MOLLE belt clips, and complete optics cleaning components included.

**If you cannot attend but would like to support the Veteran Owned Small Business you can make contributions by clicking on the drop down menu below. Thank you for your support.

Briggs Core Dynamics Shirts and Hats

Cankle Kit Includes:

Back story and more details on the lawsuit.


Additional Raffle Items

Range Fundraiser and Courses with Tanto


The Book signing is from 6:30pm-8:30pm on August 3rd at the Fowler House, 909 South Street Lafayette, IN 47901. There will be Guns and Gear to be raffled off. Sponsors that help with the event will be recognized and Tanto will say some words and sign books. There will be books for sale as well as hors d'oeuvres. We are expecting a large crowd so please contact Scott to be a Sponsor ASAP. Sponsors will receive table space to advertise and promote their business.

Briggs Core Dynamics RANGE ADDRESS: 3733 E 500 N Fowler, IN 47944

Camping available at the the range and hotels 10 miles away in Remington, IN

Briggs Core Dynamics RANGE ADDRESS: 3733 E 500 N Fowler, IN 47944

Camping available at the the range and hotels 10 miles away in Remington, IN