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Members, want to bring a guest?

Range Members ONLY:If a member would like to bring a guest to the range, the member needs to have the guest fill out the WAIVER of LIABILITY and the RANGE RULES forms above. Please email or text the forms to Scott at or 407-919-8215 prior to using the range. You can purchase the time below or pay the same way that you pay for targets at the range.

*If any of the rules of the range are violated the member will lose all use of the range. Please respect all of the rules, they are there to protect us all.

If you have problems opening any of the files, please email us and we will send them directly to you. 

Contact Information
Range Address:
3733 E 500 N Fowler, IN 47944
Office Address:
5343 Rippling Brook Way, Carmel, IN 46033

  • Family- $225 per year. Up to 4 family members $50 for each additional member. Veteran, LE and EMS Discount


It is our desire to serve our students and customers to the very best of our ability and to the highest standards of excellence. This page explains our policies on issuing refunds.

Refunds will be issued in the same manner as payment. If payment was via credit card, refund will be issued to the card used. If payment was by check, refund will be by check.
For all training courses, payment is due in full to reserve a seat in the course unless specifically stated otherwise.
If a student cancels their seat in the course more than 7 days from course date, a full refund will be issued.
If a student cancels their seat in the course less than 7 days from course date, a 50% refund will be issued.
No refunds for course seats will be issued on or after the date of the course.
Students who are removed from a course for any reason, as stated in our hold harmless agreement, will not be issued a refund for their course fees.

If for any reason a course is canceled, students will receive a full refund promptly at the time of cancellation as well as notice of the cancellation as soon as possible.

  • Military, Law Enforcement, EMS, and Teacher discounts available for membership and all courses


  • 50% off of the Firearms Safety and Conflict Survival Course (For every member of your family or business as well)
  • 15% off of all other classes for membership year
  • Access to the range 7 days a week during daylight hours


  • These rules are in addition to the range rules (some are stated twice for good reason)
  • Contact (text) Scott before you come out
  • Follow all range and Safety Rules
  • Wear Eye and Ear Protection
  • Shooters must only be people who have taken the Firearms Safety Class and are on your membership form
  • Respect the range and facilities
  • No shooting steel targets closer than 10 yards with pistol
  • No shooting steel targets closer than 25 yards with rifle
  • No steel core rounds or AP rounds
  • You break it, you replace it


If you don't need a membership and only want to use the range to sight in your rifle, shotgun, or maybe you want to show your family members how to shoot the new gun they bought, you can use the range. Just give us a ring to set up a time. It is $10 per person per half hour. An instructor needs to be present for all non-members unless you are accompanied by a member (see instructions above for members bringing out guests). 


*Most shooters will have to go through our Firearms Safety course before becoming a member.

  • Corporate and Law Enforcement Agency- $500 per year. Up to 8 members $60 for each additional member 


Phone: 407-919-8215

Range Address: 3733 E 500 N Fowler, IN 47944

Mailing Address: 5343 Rippling Brook Way Carmel, IN 46033


  • Single PersonVeteran, LE and EMS Discount