Briggs Core Dynamics

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Liberty Arms Inc.

Liberty Arms is a full service Firearms Dealer In Monticello, IN. Liberty has worked with multiple School Corporations, supplying them with life saving equipment as well as hosted training sessions at his facility for Educators to train.

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Choose To Live Program

Together we provide Schools, Churches, Businesses, and Law Enforcement with life saving products. We are dedicated to bring you the best inVulnerability Assessments, Staff Training, Bullet Resistant Laminate for Windows, Life Saving Medical Kits, Body Armor and Suppressed Weapons Systems. 

Below are descriptions and links to our partners.

Industry Partners

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The CTL PROGRAM is an elite organization of like minded companies who's goal is to protect and defend good people from the bad. All companies involved have been extremely vetted. The owners of these companies are Police Officers, Veterans, Farmers, and People just like you who care.  We pride ourselves in being able to deliver the best training and products to protect your school, church or business. 

Safe Haven Defense

At Safe Have Defense we know that you want to protect the customers, employees, and assets of your Business, School or Church. In order to do that, you need top security features including armored glass. Make your business a safe haven with Smash, Blast, Bullet, Bomb and Burglary Resistant Glass. Safe Haven Defense is owned and operated by a Law Enforcement Officer that I am proud to represent.

Infidel Body Armor

Infidel Body Armor is a Veteran Owned company that sells high quality affordable body armor. I am proud to have been the Brand Ambassador and to have worked with Infidel for years. Law Enforcement, EMS, Military and Civilians all enjoy the peace of mind that comes with wearing Infidels fully custom armor. 

Desert Design & Development

D3 is a company that designs and builds some of the best suppressed weapons on the market. Their D3-9SD has earned the reputation as the "Ultimate Urban Carbine" and is perfect for SWAT, SRO's (School Resource Officers) and for home defense.  As the Brand Ambassador for D3, I am honored to spread the word about this weapon system.

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