Briggs Core Dynamics

Guest Instructors

25-26 April 2020: Two Day Pistol & Carbine Course- IN

Lead Instructors: Kris "Tanto" Paronto and Ben Morgan

I think we can all agree that we are never done training. A good defensive mindset is key, honing your skills so that you don't have to think about what you are doing is imperitive when the time comes to save innocent lives.

I have trained with the best in the world and I am happy to be able to teach with and host the top trainers on the planet.

Handgun Vitals With Daniel Shaw

Handgun Vitals is designed to present students of all experience levels, the skills and knowledge necessary to take them to a high level of proficiency with a defensive handgun.  The shooter will learn to deliver precision at a fast pace while increasing his or her ability to problem solve a defensive use of force situation. Handgun Vitals I frames a solid foundation for future defensive handgun training and serves as the prerequisite for Handgun Vitals II.

Day 1

Topics Include

Life safety as it relates to defensive use of force
Grip and standing position
Hard sight focus
Hard target focus
Ready positions for a spherical environment
Post engagement scan, actions and communication
Gaining rapid precision
Drawing from concealment (or OWB)
Engagement technique
Speed reload
Clearing stoppages common to defensive handguns
Gaining the advantage
Movement to dominant positions

Day 2

Topics Include

Life safety as it relates to the armed citizen
Review of core defensive shooting fundamentals
Strong hand problem solving (one hand manipulations)
Protecting a third party
Kneeling, prone and supine positions
Forward movement
Backward movement
Strong hand only
Fighting from retention
Lateral movement
Final event

Gear List

A handgun chambered for a common defense caliber (.22 is acceptable, but not recommended)
A quality (non-collapsing) holster
At least 3 magazines or 4 speed loaders/strips for revolver shooters
600-800 rounds
Eye protection
Hearing protection

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